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SidSoft Quick Attachment Mailer

            Imagine you are a businessman or businesswoman, sending mails with attachments of quotations, company documents and letters everyday. Do the mails, with docmuents attached, usually contain the same body? If so, SidSoft Quick Attacmnent Mailer is the one for you! When installed, SidSoft Quick Attachment Mailer will add an option, Send via QAM, to all documents, excluding folders. When clicked, it will open a dialog box where you can input an email address to send to. The body of the message will be set as default, however, you can add your own personal messages and choose your deafult. You can also choose which saved message body to send.

            SidSoft Quick Attachment Mailer is very innovative as other third-party solutions require a longer, unproductive, loading and waiting time. This solution allows you to send attachments in a manner of seconds! So what are you waiting for? Purchase a license now!

            SidSoft Quick Attachment Mailer is also updated with new features monthly. So, users satisfied with Quick Attachment Mailer can be even more satisfied with improvements. As with our SidSoft Guarantee, we will provide full support 24/7, 7 days in a week. If you require support, send us a mail at support@sidsoftinc.com