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SidSoft Intranet Manager

            SidSoft Intranet Manager is a perfect solution for IT administratorsin small businesses or companies set up and deploy a fully-functional intranet portal within a matter of minutes. Need a document-sharing site that implements user login and access control? Not to worry! SidSoft Intranet Manager only allows users to access documents and uploaded files they can access. SidSoft Intranet Manager is also very easy to configure and easy-to-use by adminstrators and non-administrators alike.

            SidSoft Intranet Manager is also updated with new features monthly. So, users satisfied with Intranet Manager can be even more satisfied with improvements. As with our SidSoft Guarantee, we will provide full support 24/7, 7 days in a week. If you require support, send us a mail at support@sidsoftinc.com