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SidSoft CafeSoft

        SidSoft CafeSoft is the premier Internet Cafe Management Suite available today. If you are an internet cafe owner and you wish to establish better control over all the LAN computers in your cafe, look no further! SidSoft CafeSoft is the solution for you! Instead of just monitoring time of usage, you can remotely control the computers, have them scan the network for additional CafeClients if you add or removes computers and track the status of individual computers. Configuration is a snap. You can choose to let the CafeHost("The PC running SidSoft CafeHost software") to search for CafeClients("The PCs running SidSoft CafeClient software") or enter in the IP addresses of the CafeClients.

            SidSoft CafeSoft is also updated with new features monthly. So, users satisfied with CafeSoft can be even more satisfied with improvements. As with our SidSoft Guarantee, we will provide full support 24/7, 7 days in a week. If you require support, send us a mail at support@sidsoftinc.com