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SidSoft DroidCommand

SidSoft DroidCommand is our latest endeavor! Utilising the latest in Web 2.0 and Windows technology, we present to you SidSoft DroidCommand, the remote control solution you have been looking for...

SidSoft CafeSoft

Setting up an Internet Cafe and want to be able to monitor the LAN PCs in the Cafe remotely via your main computer at the reception? Have no fear. The SidSoft CafeSoft is one of the best Internet Cafe Management Software (ICMS) available in the market!

SidSoft OfficeSoft

Are you an office secretary or administrator who has been tasked with monitoring the usage of all the computers in the employee cubicles and having to shut them down manually when office workers leave without shutting down or logging off from their terminals? Then, SidSoft OfficeSoft is the solution for you!

SidSoft Intranet Manager

For those small businesses who want to set up an intranet website in order to upload and share documents and files, the SidSoft Intranet Manager can deploy an easy-to-use intranet portal with user login, access control and modifications made by users and developers

SidSoft Quick Attachment Manager

Do you always send mail with attachments? If you do, do you type in the same message body for every attachment sent. The SidSoft QAM can help you out! Simply install it and sending attachments will be a breeze...

SidSoft Games Manager For those who want to manage their games and list of websites in one simple list, this is the app for you. It does not only work on games as other applocations can be run
SidSoft ScreenSaver

This screen saver allows users more control than other screensavers, and allow RSS feeds and other data to be displayed on the screensaver, other than images alone